Example for Swift (iOS) Client by Custom Development

Execute Example "Manage Item by Barcode" to create Endpoint beforehand.

First, install Dropbox and create account. Next, office will set up shared folder for the account. Then notification will be sent to the account for the shared forlder. Please accept it by pushing OK. By doing that, files will be downloaded into Dropbox folder in local PC. (This step is as same as "Example for Edit or Add Endpoint by Custom Development Option".)

Then, add Project Output Setting for Swift Client.

Start Build. (See Step 5 on Quick Start Guide about how to do it)

After Build, some classes will be created to call proxy from Swift. Then, file is saved in Dropbox's Shared Folder.

Then, please add those files and another files which is delivered separatedly, then you can access endpoint easily.

implement OnFinshTestDelegate delegate to get result by asynchronous.
The name of delegate is different from functions. You can see it on the comment of each output source.


class ViewController: UIViewController, OnFinshTestDelegate

Then, Add function into the class based on the delegate OnFinshTestDelegate definition:

func onFinishGetTest1(proxy_result:TestTable1ProxyGetTest1ProxyResult)

Check Status for the result.

if (proxy_result.Status == ProxyResultStatusType.OK) {
if (proxy_result.Result != nil) { // Result exists only for Get Function
// ... do something

Call Example

let proxy_client:TestTable1ProxyClient = TestTable1ProxyClient();
proxy_client.OnFinshGetTest1 = self; Registor Callback
let param:TestTable1ProxyGetTest1RequestParams = TestTable1ProxyGetTest1RequestParams();
param.xxx = @"xxx" ... set necessary parameter
let result:Bool = proxy_client.GetTest1(param: param);
if (result) {

As written above, result will be returned by delegate by asynchronous.

※Please refer example "Access Endpoint by Swift" to access Endpoint without Custom Development Option.

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