Common cloud platform for Web/iOS/Android/Windows for development and operation.


<This service is for those who want...>

Those who want to offer service in any of multi platform Web/iOS/Android/Windows.
Those who want to develop and offer quickly in many cycle.

<There is a merit for developer as below>

You can develop application by using Relational Database on Cloud.
You can access database easily such as NoSQL.

We offer cloud service for development and operation of database based on reliable relational database.
Normally it takes time to develop relational database but our service simplify it.

■How to use

User's application user doesn't access Relational Database directly. User's application access database via our Cloud.
REST end point will be created by setting on our Cloud, then user access the Database via End Point with JSON parameter by any language such as PHP or C#.
How to define Database's table is as same as conventional one. We offer management page with conventional Open Source for Table management. After table definition, access to our Cloud and import table setting, then user can define End Point for access Database.
Any programming language can use this because you just need to access Web by REST with JSON parameter.

■Comparison Table

Document Type NoSQL RDB (Relational Database) Database as a Service
Specific Service Name MongoDB... etc MySQL, PostgreSQL... etc Our DegoDB
Database Definition Very Easy (almost nothing) Moderate Moderate
Design/Programming with simple data Very Easy Moderate Easy
Design/Programming with complex data Very Difficult Moderate Easy
Design/Programming with small data Easy Easy Easy
Design/Programming with huge data Moderate High High

■Service Scape

We offer server and Cloud Setting Window on Web.

Application making is not included in service. Database Design is not included.
User needs to design Database, define on Cloud and make Application by themselfs.

■[FYI] Supported SQL Type

Type Parameter Fixed Value
Select no join

  Innter Join
  Left Outer Join
  Aggregate Function

You can define quickly by input aid such as checkbox.

If you know SQL, you might be able to write SQL easily but making code by hand involve a bug definitely. The code must be tested. When updating you need to read existing SQL but sometimes it is difficult to read the structure. SQL may looks easy but it takes time and effort if you write SQL by hand.

By using this service you can define on Web clearly. It may be able to used as Specification Document. The concept is SQL itself, so you only need conventional SQL. You don't need to learn special knowledge basically. You can use this service easily by just accustoming to setting window on Web. The speed for development is so fast. Please try.

※Sub Query is not supported by input aid. You need to input Sub Query's condition manually.

■Custom Development

You can use Custom Server Script. Use Dropbox to share file.
After Build on Development portal, files for database access are saved into shared folder in Dropbox. So you can custom script on your PC, then you can upload after add or edit script.
Setting is required to use Dropbox. Please inquiry.


You can try on test server called "sandbox" for free for trial or test purpose.


Strage Price (Tax excluded) Maximum Access Number
Less than 100MB Free 1,000/Day
Equal or more than 100MB and less than 100GB 300USD/month No Limit

Initial Fee: Free

※Area of Server Intallation is inside of Japan such as Tokyo, Hokkaido or somewhare. Please ask if you want overseas server.
※Storage size is a summary of all project for each payment. It includes the Sandbox Project. So, please try within free limit if you want to try before payment.
※Storage size is sum of script, file and database.


We support by email.

※Support doesn't include the basic usage and knowledge of Database such as Table definition or SQL structure. This service is for those who can use Database.

■Kind of Database

We use MariaDB. It is open source software compatible with MySQL.

■Change Plan or Option

You will be charged the next month of service in the previous month. When moving from free plan to chagrge plan, changed month won't be charged. Charge begins for next month.
Payment deadline: end of the month
Plan change deadline: 20th
Fee will decide based on the plan and usage on end of 20th of each month.

■How to use

Please refer this page.

■Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is 99.95% Please refer here fore more details.

■Plan List

  DegoDB Function
Use of Development Portal
How to use REST access by any Programming Language
Parameter Type: JSON
Development Execute multiple function at the same time

Transaction of Database

Create of Custom Script

View and Edit of Source File by using Dropbox.

Client's Programming Language

Client for REST access by JSON


Offer Client's Source Template on Development Portal Web (*1)

jQuery, PHP, Perl, Ruby, C#, Java
Offer Client's Source Code on Dropbox C#(*3), Java(*4), Objective-C
Server's Script PHP
Offer Server Source Code on Dropbox (*2) PHP
  Price Free~

※This plan is differnt from Deputize Cloud Management and Development.

(*1) Show Template on Endpoint Page. Simple code for C#/Java.
(*2) Provide by Shared Folder on Dropbox.
(*3) Data class supports WPF binding.
(*4) Supported both simple access and Async Task Loader pattern of Android's Java.

Please inquiry if you want to use

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