Matsuesoft Corporation Outline

We are specialist for Operation, Deputization and Development of Software and System

We will develop System with Web Application, Windows Application for both Windows Store and Desktop, Android Application and iOS(iPhone/iPad) Application by using Cloud.

Founder's thought

"Data First"
Focus on data.

"Code to Design"
The code changes from the implementation to the design, and the programmer aims to change from the implementer to the designer.

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Corporate Address

168-0063 Toyo Mansyon 1-41-12-302 Izumi Suginami Tokyo Japan
Telephone: +81-50-5532-1548

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3 million Yen

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Masayuki Matsue

I have a experience of software development for about 15 years.
I worked in Bangalore, India for 2 years within the period.

We are Japanese company but we can operate globally.


Operation, Deputization and Development of Software and Colud Service


Daitoseito Inc.
Quick Inc.
YamanoEstate Inc.

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