Philosophy of Matsuesoft Corporation


"Data First"
Focus on data.

"Code to Design"
The code changes from the implementation to the design, and the programmer aims to change from the implementer to the designer.

■ Explanation
In system development, we focus on data structure design and data flow.
And, by programmer participating widely from design to implementation, we will create an excellent system.

In the United States Programmer mean a Hacker that ranges widely from design to implementation, but in Japan it means implementor (coder) in general. We call Programmer in the same sense as the United States as Hacker, and Programmer also serve as architects. Also in Japan,
the wish that Programmer change from Implementer to American Hacker is included in "to" of "Code to Design".


We believe the IT Engineer is the Author and the Central Figure to create IT society.
We believe the IT Engineer is the creative artist with vivid sensibility.


We will realize idea by IT.
We will cheer people by IT.
We will support organization by IT.
We will accelerate IT by Cloud, then each IT Engineer will execute widely from bussiness to implementation.


We will create society with exciting and rich people using new IT day by day.

We will realize Client's idea by IT while we are providing service by myself to realize society with exciting and rich people using new IT day by day.

We use Colud power to achieve it.

Once upon a time while 1980-1990, there is a special power in the word "Programmer" in Japan.
Programmer participate in all range of business from plan to implementation. Many programmer became rich in this era.
Programmer had a power in reality.
Programmer is sometimes called as a Hacker.
Now the work Programmer has power in Europe or America but Japan don't have.

After that era, computer became complex and development becomes big, each role was divided. Planning and Implementation was divided.
Programmer needs to obey the Planning and Design. So Programmer loose power by tieing hand. Probably only 10% of power is used now.

Recently the world was changed by Cloud power.
Cloud tool comes day by day. So small group can do more achevement by Cloud power from Planning to Implementation comparing to the past.
In the future, we expect the situation only 1 person can do big project from Planning to Implementation.

We will achieve society not only for public people who want to excite and live rich
but also the IT Engineer who want to enjoy life by doing more big achievement with Cloud Technology.


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