We can make custom application and system by order

2017/6/28 Published iOS Application (iPhone/iPad) for Online English School.
2017/6/25 Rearching Offshore Development in Philippines.
2017/6/19 Online English School started new plan "Regular Plus" to lesson by monthly fee.
2017/6/15 Published Windows Store Application for Online English School.
2017/6/7 We are preparing a cloud service DegoWP that makes it easy to create a member page and publish information.
2017/5/27 Development Cloud DegoDB now possible to read data from Kintone
2017/5/24 Started new service: Cloud Print Service - DegoPrint
2017/5/24 Wrote article about Database Technology: Transaction Isolation Level
2017/5/16 Development Cloud DegoDB starts support for Objective-C (iOS). You can see example.
2017/5/13 Development Cloud DegoDB starts support for Swift (iOS). You can see example.
2017/5/9 Matsuesoft Attendance Management:Released Android Application for each user
2017/5/2 Matsuesoft Attendance Management:Added function to write memo for both User and Administrator for each days. You can use it for simple report and communication.
2017/4/29 Released Android Application for Online English School. It's a simple version. You can check booking but you need to book on Web.
2017/4/24 Changed name to DegoDB from Matsuesoft Database Service(MDBaaS)
2017/4/15 Released Android Application for Petit Concert.
2017/3/27 Preparing mini concert information site near by: "Petit Concert"

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