We offer Custom Application by using Cloud as a Service.

We are so called "no deliverly of source code". It is a Service of Application by Monthly Subscription.

No Initial Fee.


- Development based on Proposal -

Conventionally, development is ordered after decide and fixed all specification.

We will propose based on requirement or problems. So, span and result is not unknown at the first phase. We submit result based on a monthly plan.


- We recommend small cycle of development -

Let's start with small system with confident. User can understand everything easily if small system. Then, user will come up with a new idea for the system. You can define next step by confident. We can create next step of the system. User will understand next step if difference is small. Then, user will send request on it. We will pile up big system by small steps.

The difference is the scale of 1 step. User needs to define all requirement and specification in conventional development process. Then create system by big development. User may have difficulty with understanding overall view of one big system development. In that case, system may be complex and update may have a difficulties.

We can create system one by one certainly each month. User can understand difference so easily by this process. As a result, system will be more simple. System will be understandable by user. System will be close to user.


Plan List

■Application Cloud Management and Development Plan 2,500USD/month ~

This is our main plan.
If you want of building finely or when a user-friendly home page you want to handle your own business in a Web application, please select this plan.
To save the data in the database, Web as a user interface (UI) is a default choice, but you can also create a UI in Windows applications.
Basic website management is not included, is a plan to fabricate only on their own application.
E-mail management is not included. Click here for details

Option List

■Portal Management Plan 500USD/month ~

This is a option to manage the Portal home page.

You don't need this option if you are managing homepage by yourself. Please add this option if you want to leave it to us to not do it on your own.
If you would leave us, we created on our framework so that it can be custom in the future above the cloud management plan. Since it becomes a mobile-friendly design, the structure will be fixed to some extent.

■Email Management Option 200USD/month~

This is a option to manage Email.

Management of personal Email address is not included in this option. Please choose this option if you want to make solution by using specific Email address. See Email Technology for your reference.

Please inquiry if you want to use

■Plan List

  Application Plan Option
Development and Maintenance Maintenance Only Portal Management Email Management
Work Job analysis × × ×
Application (Web / Windows / Android) User Interface New Creation × × ×
Management / Minor Adjustment × ×
Database Access New Creation × × ×
Management/ Minor Adjustment × ×
Management of Cloud Server × ×
Management of the Database × ×
Management of Portal System × × ×
Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration of Homepage × × × ×
Update of Homepage that was based on your content × × × ×
Portal site of Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration × × × ×
Update of the portal site that was based on your content × × × ×
Management of the Email × × ×
Management of personal Email account × × × ×
Price From 2,500USD/month From 500USD/month From 500USD/month From 200USD/month
Free Trial of First Month Yes No No No

※Those plan uses DegoDB with additional monthly fee.

Please inquiry if you want to use

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