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What is the difference between Beta and Normal of Build?

Almost same but Endpoint is different.
Database connection is same. Same Database is used.

Build by Beta first and check behaviour. Then build Normal version after confirm.

What is TOKEN?

Fixed TOKEN is a security code for each project. Function is processed only when TOKEN is matched. So, don't open it to public.
When using DBaaS by HTML, please secure page by protecting by password or set page in intranet to protect Fixed TOKEN.

In addition to fixed TOKEN, temporary TOKEN also be used. Please refer this example.
You can authenticate freely by any means by custom development option.

How to get automatically generated ID after inserting table based on definition

Returned JSON includes the key "insert_id". Please refer it.

What is the difference between "Value" and "Class Object in the Parameter Type setting of function

If Value, function's parameter is set into JSON in parallel. Key name includes the function type.
If Class Object, function's parameter is exist in JSON as one key corresponding to one object, then key , which is based on class name's field name, is exist beneith the object-like key. Key name doesn't include the function type.

What happened if client retry upon connection problem?

If first communication reaches to server and execute in server, function will be executed 2 times or more. So, any kind of consideration is required.
The problem is mostly occured when Insert. In case of Insert, please set parameter "InsertToken" to avoid 2nd or more execution. Just retry request by using same InsertToken.

Otherwise a small tip can avoid problem of multiple time insert. For example, you can avoid problem by following means:

When initializing page, insert data at first and assign unique ID such as serial number.
When saving, update data to the row of unique ID.
(Please hide temporary data to user if necessary)


Create column with unique attribute. So, only 1st time insert will be valid and 2nd time's insert will be error if retry.
If retry becomes error, check if exist the inserted data of 1st time. If data exist, consider as success.

Is it possible to check SQL executing?

You can check SQL on debug window of Endpoint.

What is "OR Group" in function definition?

OR Group is used when specify "or" condition on "Where" statement.
If OR GRoup is not defined, default is "and" condition. So, data will be updated for those all conditions are matched.

If specify OR Group, each condition where same GR Group name is defined will be a "or" condition. (default behaviour)

You can choose option "(.. or ..) and (.. or ..)"(default) or "(.. and ..) or (.. and ..)" on function definition.


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