Other Notice

■Server Type

We use our DegoDB as a default with additional monthly fee.

Handling of Data Recovery

The basic is one-time backup in one day. In the time of serious disorders, such as loss data and we will recover from the backup. Further consideration can be done for a particular data if you want to consult.

■Treatment at the time of server failure

We are monitoring basic service automatically.
Simple failure at the extent the service can be recovered by simple reboot, service will be restored as soon as possible within 24 hours.
Other, a serious failure occurs .. is rare, but it will be restored in approximately two to three days depending on the extent.

■ For the person in charge

Basically corresponds 1 people in the main, the other person is also available to work if necessary. The person in charge will be taken in charge by the concurrent multiple plan.

■Payment deadline and pause / stop of the contract handling

You will be charged the next month of service in the previous month.
Payment deadline: end of the month
Plan change deadline: 20th

If you want to pause or stop contract, please contact to office until 20th of previous month.
The longest pause is one year. So we have to store the data as long as it is within the period there can be resumed with the same content. Stop service and discard data after 1 year of Pause.
In the case of Pause server also stopped.
Changes to the maintenance plan or from it, it's the same.

■Flow from the trial until contract

■If not reached to agreement after trial period

If you don't agree the contract after the trial period, we shall not have any responsibility for your company.

■Defect liability

It is not in the contract. Therefore, defect liability shall not be held. When service failure occurs, we will recover as fast as possible. Recover work is include in the monthly price. So, no extra charge.
if serious failure occurs and both of both of contracting parties agrees, we will refund up to 1 month service fee of the month in which the problem has occurred. Then we shall terminate the contract in case of refund. We don't refund if contract continues.


Text and Link is displayed at the bottom of the screen such as "Powered by Matsuesoft Cloud" for Application Plan or Homepage Plan.

Please inquiry if you want to use

■Plan List

  Application Plan Option
Development and Maintenance Maintenance Only Portal Management Email Management
Work Job analysis × × ×
Application (Web / Windows / Android) User Interface New Creation × × ×
Management / Minor Adjustment × ×
Database Access New Creation × × ×
Management/ Minor Adjustment × ×
Management of Cloud Server × ×
Management of the Database × ×
Management of Portal System × × ×
Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration of Homepage × × × ×
Update of Homepage that was based on your content × × × ×
Portal site of Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration × × × ×
Update of the portal site that was based on your content × × × ×
Management of the Email × × ×
Management of personal Email account × × × ×
Price From 2,500USD/month From 500USD/month From 500USD/month From 200USD/month
Free Trial of First Month Yes No No No

※Those plan uses DegoDB with additional monthly fee.

Please inquiry if you want to use

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