Database Technology

We use our original Cloud "Matsuesoft Database Cloud".

We use opensource software MariaDB for Database.
In addition to that, we use our original Matuesoft Database Cloud.

■What is Matsuesoft Database Cloud

In a narrow sense, it is something of O/R Mapping of Database.
In a broad sense, it is the tool to Design / Management and Execution Environment of Database.

In the traditional development process, it is necessary to design, enter by hand one by one to operate each parameters in the computer program.
By using our Matsuesoft Database Cloud, design is necessary as same but implementation and execution phase can be automated by the Cloud. It is estimated that more than 95% (our ratio) of implemetation and testing can be automated by setting on the Cloud.
As a result, development can be very fast and man's work load will be decreased dramatically by leaving many works to the Cloud which was once a mandatory for conventional development.

With Web Application, our Cloud manages the access between Web Application and Database Server.
With Windows Application or Android Application, our Cloud manage the access between Aplication and Database Server.

■Comparison with the traditional development

Basic development procedure using the Database is as follows.

  1. Create a database, then defines the structure (table)
  2. Define the access (read / write), create a SQL statement → Save effort by our cloud
  3. Read or Write data by SQL statement which was created by step 2. → Save effort by our cloud
  4. Process data if necessary
  5. Display Data to user

By our Cloud, you can save effort in step 2 and 3.
Step 1 is Engineer's work by analyzing business. Then, define the requirement on Matsuesoft Database Cloud, then system can read or write data to Database.
By replacing the steps which had been created by hand to the Cloud, improvement of time reduction and quality can be realized at the same time.

■Actual Results

We use this technology in our service.

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