Small Entrusted Development Package


This is a package to develop small software. It uses our Cloud Service.

New Page or Window: 2,000USD or more
Update of existing Page or Window: 1,000USD or more

Cloud Monthly Fee by using our DegoDB: 300USD or more


Area of Development

Windows Application (C#)
Android Native Application (Java)
Web Page/Web Application (PHP)
Application using Database
... and more (Any of Those)


Please inquiry if you want to develop



The sum of column or input field is up to 20 or so. If more than that, no extra fee if it is simple. If it is complex, additional fee will be estimated.
Fee is charged for each page or window for each platform basically but simple page can be offered by including basic fee.
This uses the our Cloud, Matuesoft DBaaS (Database as a Service).

The Deliverables is application itself only. We don't offer source code, specification document and test document.
This package is low price by decreasing the deliverables.
Customer can get Database Backup on demand basis.

You can make big system by using this plan multiple times.
We can create system many window or page for one database.


Basically all meeting will be done online.


This is an example of simple Windows Application. This is a basic structure of this package.
Data List Window, Detailed Information Window and Edit Window.

[Data List Window]

[Detailed Information Window]

[Edit Window]

This will be 3 window by exact count but such an simple window can be made by 1 window fee depends on its difficulty. So, please inquiry.


There is no user authentication basically. Everyone who can execute application can view data and edit data freely. (*1)
The edit's conflict control is simple by just showing warning.
The UI's behaviour is defined by our developer. User can say opinion but it is not mandatory. UI is made by basic UI controls.
Only 1 Language is supported basically. English or Japanese.
There is no print function.
There is no outer data relationship (import/export). If need, we can create each window one by one.
User need internet connection to use application by using same mechanism of Web Browser for our DegoDB. (*2)
In case of Windows, it supports only input by Mouse device basically without supporting touch panel. The window for touch panel (Smartphone/table) is regard as independent window.
List doesn't divide by page. In case of many data, use filter condition by specifying it from source window.

(*1) We can add user authentication by about 1-2 window. Simple specification is by using our Matsuesoft ID authentication, add window to register ID who can use application. Or adding add/edit window for ID. Some may want to import existing ID/Password. You may want to define detailed authority by adding another window.
(*2) If you want to use application offline temporary we can make application as such. Even so, data will be saved on Cloud, so pure offline application can't be made. We can only make application which can use offline temprary for some purpose such as newly add data.


This is a package to create application quickly in case when data handling is almost clear to define specification.
If need to try some times to think specification, it will be charged depend on situation. Please keep mind it beforehand.

Basically we use DegoDB Cloud as a default with 300USD/Month or more


Please inquiry if you want to develop


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