Other Entrusted Order Development


We will estimate based on request.

Following is a basic price.

Japanese IT Engineer 6,000USD (or 600,000Yen)/Person/Month~
India IT Engineer 5,000USD(or 500,000Yen)/Person/Month~


Area of Development

Windows Application (C#)
Android Native Application (Java)
Web Page/Web Application (PHP)
Application using Database
... and more (Any of Those)


Please refer Small Development Package here

In the case of Entrusted Order Development, there is a tendency that expenses become bloated because it designs carefully so as not to cause trouble and repeatedly do the test to release.

There are some reasons for this. Some reason depend on users as well as developer side. Some user will be angry for the inconvenience of some sort, so the IT vendor has to carefully design and test to the details, the cost will be high because of the quality.
In the past, once it was made, there is less changes after made, it might have been okay to manage it even if it was quite expensive development cost. Or you may have ordered with a cheap price, then made angry to make it cheap, etc.

However, the current business environment is easy to change, and additional functions and modifications will be reluctantly comes.
The business is no longer just for the convenience of one customer. It is forced to change because the surroundings change.
Even if we develop an IT system based on "order development" in the old-fashioned so-called "man-month business" in such age, we have to make a lot of development expenses every time we modify it. Even if somehow made cheaply at first, if the relationship is broken, obstacles will occur in the next order.

In order to change the relationship from the old style, users' cooperation is also necessary. Althogh it may be special in Japan only.

In the new era, users need to change their perceptions and to adopt a posture that flexibly releases new functions and rebuilds one after another with little development cost flexibly each time without seeking a perfect system as in the past, as we recommend. Customers seeking perfection can continue to develop by man-monthly orders as before. As an IT vendor, they do not mind if customers can continue with that, but we think that it is sad that customers' management will be squeezed and not sustainable.

The environment of development has also changed. In the past, there was a certain budget and Japan's domestic development was possible, but now it is quite difficult to secure the quality in order to make it using external cloud tools and human resources from outside of Japan. The quality of the cloud depends on the vendor, and human resources such as India overseas can not understand the quality of Japan so well and is unfamiliar with the customs of Japanese Order that the specification often changes during development.

Customers who are okay with conventional development can continue to develop domestically in japan as same as before with the great expense, but as we recommend, the future will not be the development of orders for man months, but the development of orders without deliveries to be able to provide the service sustainablly.

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