Package to convert Excel to Application


This is a package to create and offer application based on Excel.

How about creating system if you are doing template work by using excel or something. You don't need to create big system. Even though small system which is done by 1 person. Each system may be small but by summing up systems it will reduce work effort dramatically.



Fee to Check Excel and propose Application Structure 2,000 USD or more

Fee to create each Window/Page (It is as same as Small Entrusted Development Package)

Fee for using DegoDB USD300 or more (Monthly Fee)


■Input (Prepare by Client)

Excel File and explanation of Excel File (If there is no explanation for some content, it is regard as it is not implement in application. So, please explain everything)
Issue which you want to resolve by application
Request or something if there is

■ Output (Create and offer by this service)

It is as same as Small Entrusted Development Package. We create eather of Web/Windows/Android application.

■Application Structure

In Excel, data is edited directly in grid but our application structure is not same. In basic application structure, Grid is read only and only some columns are displayed in Grid. Then edit is done in separate window or page. Please refer example in Small Entrusted Development Package. Please request if you want other structure.

In this Package, most of the part of structure will be designed by our service and some structure is fixed.


1.Check Excel by Our Service based on Input
2.We will propose overview of Application Structure
3.After adjustment, we will create Application and offer.

■This uses DBaaS

This plan uses DegoDB. So, monthly fee is required.

Note: If you will thinkg application structure based on Excel, you can use Small Entrusted Development Package.


Please inquiry if you want to develop

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