Deputize Cloud Application Development and Management

Don't you trouble on the homepage or portal management?

Are you satisfied with the ready-made homepage? Have you ever want to create special mechanism on your homepage?
We are happy to create your own mechanism on homepage.

Are you worrying IT on your business?

Is your Data under management? Is your data scatterd? Have you ever want to create special application on your own work?
We will be happy to create your own applications.

Our services at a cost of about one person employees will solve your worries.


Advantages 1, 2, 3

1 Fixed price

There is no additional charge in the start-up and modifications.
This fee structure assumes long-term contract.
Recently, most of the times it is necessary to modify continually after making. It is troublesome if each modification needs an estimate of cost. We work on ongoing contract without each estimation of cost.

2 Not required accounting treatment in accordance with the progress

If the development is done by each order, specification needs to be fixed at first, estimation is necessary. Then devided payment and accouting is necessary based on progress. By doing the ongoing contract, management will be simplified. Payment is done each month without estimation.

3 Simple and Clear Fee Structure in accordance with the amount of data

Our amount of work changed mainly by the complexity and the amount of data. So fee structure depends on it.
Basically additional charge is not generated as long as the number of accesses and the server load is not extremely increase.

How about it?

■First month is free trial

In the trial period do the hearing and basic business analysis, you will get the overall image by implementing a typical application.
If you have satisfied with the trial result, do the contract. Then we will create and offer the rest of the application.
If you do not reach the agreement without guests satisfaction, cost does not charged any.


■Application Cloud Management and Development Plan 2,500USD/month ~

If you want of building finely or when a user-friendly home page you want to handle your own business in a Web application, please select this plan.
To save the data in the database, Web as a user interface (UI) is a default choice, but you can also create a UI in Windows applications.
Basic website management is not included, is a plan to fabricate only on their own application.
E-mail management is not included.
It will be delegated. It is not a contract.

Total Number of columns of data   Price (Tax excluded) Initial Cost
Equal or Less than 100   2,500USD/month or more We will estimate upon request
Each Additional 10   +250USD/month or more  

We will normalize data and manage elements by separating table. So we have a tendency to increase the number of columns slightly rather than manage with Excel. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Please inquiry if you want to use

■"Maintenance only" plan

"Maintenance only" plan without development is available at one-fifth of the price. You can switch normal plan or Maintenance plan for each month.
Maintenance plan include the server maintenance and fix of minor issue for application. You need to change back to normal plan if you want to add function.

■ For the amount of work

It is not defined because it depends on work. We don't promise but we present the guideline as below:

Standard amount of work each month
If New Application to be created or

If Specification is almost fixed to be created

or If Existing Application to be updated or Other work
1 function (window/page) include trial and analyze   2 function (window/page)   1 to 4 function (window/page)    

In case of Web, it is a Page. In case of Windows Application, it is a Window. The number depends on the amount of information on Window/Page. In this case, assume the VGA Monitor (1024x768) and window/page is within that size. Actual application depends on the requirement.
However, this is not intended to guarantee the monthly outcome, we will take a balance between multiple month.

■Deliverable (output of our work)

We offer applications and services from the cloud.

Note: We don't offer Design Documents, Source Code, Test Specifications and Test report. These will be our internal documents. Not for customer.

■ Demerit

Of course, there is also a disadvantage.

Since the amount of work is limited, it is not suitable for creating large applications.
It is not suitable in the case of hurry.
It is not suitable if conventional orders development is good. Traditional waterfall-type development (typical of the orders received development) is not done by us.
Continuous use of our cloud is necessary. The plan is included price for the normal server, but when the load is high, some may result in additional charges if you want to increase the response or reliability.
Since using our cloud is not suitable if you want to use their own cloud and their on-premises server (in-house server).
We don't provide the source code. It is not suitable if you are want to get the source code. In reality the database access is managed by our DegoDB framework, so separation and delivery of source code is not possible for those items.

■Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is 99.95% Please refer here fore more details.

■Other Notice

Please refer here about continue, stop or other notice.

Please inquiry if you want to use

■Plan List

  Application Plan Option
Development and Maintenance Maintenance Only Portal Management Email Management
Work Job analysis × × ×
Application (Web / Windows / Android) User Interface New Creation × × ×
Management / Minor Adjustment × ×
Database Access New Creation × × ×
Management/ Minor Adjustment × ×
Management of Cloud Server × ×
Management of the Database × ×
Management of Portal System × × ×
Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration of Homepage × × × ×
Update of Homepage that was based on your content × × × ×
Portal site of Writing / correction / image creation / Illustration × × × ×
Update of the portal site that was based on your content × × × ×
Management of the Email × × ×
Management of personal Email account × × × ×
Price From 2,500USD/month From 500USD/month From 500USD/month From 200USD/month
Free Trial of First Month Yes No No No

※Those plan uses DegoDB with additional monthly fee.

Please inquiry if you want to use

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