User Interface Architecture

The trend of User Interface (UI) tends to change. The favorite framework at that time will obsolete in a few years in many cases.

So, our basic stance is

  • We use common technology for User Interface at that occasion

If Windows, the giant Microsoft is improving tools like Visual Studio so quickly, so we think Visual Studio is better than our own framework.
If Web, standard tools are organized, for example using Dreamweaver or so.

On the other hand, since databases are hard to change, we will develop and use cloud like DBaaS (Database as a Service) independently by our company.
Even if the user interface changes, the database will continue to be used in common for a long time.

Some companies provide tools that allow users to easily create GUI but such a UI is basically simple as excellent programer can create quickly. When the trend changes, tool/framework is necessary to recreate. So the cost performance is not good. It is better for the user to use new trend UI style by new framework rather than old-style UI based on old framework which is sometimes difficult to update to newest trend.

In fact, more than half of the development effort is about the data processing, So we can save labor by doing that part in our DBaaS Cloud. On the other hand, the User Interface (UI) can customize for each window based on new framework.


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